Jul 07

I’ve intended to release those brushes as a premium set, but hey, have you heard about paid hawksmont brushes? I haven’t, so I’m giving you those for free :) What is so special about them? Well…except the fact I made them :) They are really big. Those here are not so big actually (my bandwidth is my precious) :) I’ve resized them to 50%, because the original brushes are as big as they can be (2500px) and the .abr file is 22MB (!!) This file here is only 4MB, but brushes are still bove 1000px

Photoshop Glow I Brushes

There are 11 big brushes made with Photoshop 7.0 I’ve made them myself (really proud :) ). I’ll share those 2500px brushes with you too, but I have to find a good file-sharing website. Any suggestions? I thought about 4shared…

Quick tutorial:If you want to achieve the effect on the preview use a black background and white paint for the brush. Use a glow brush on a new layer (black layer is beneath). Duplicate the layer with the brush and set the blending mode for this new layer on ‘Overlay’ or ‘Color’ (Overlay works better for me). Select this last layer and open Hue/Saturation window (ctrl+U, command+U), check the colorize option an then move all sliders as you want to :) (Note: if you have a white layer, and you do :) , slide down the ‘light’ slider to see the colours). If you think the colour of your glow is to light you can duplicate that coloured layer as many times as you need to. I duplicated the red glow layer three times :)

Photoshop tutorial: How to make things glow in color?

Before you use hawksmont brushes, please read the terms of use.

Download Photoshop Glow Brushes I .zip file

How to load brushes to Photoshop?

Happy glowing!

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