Nov 09

The time of giving is near, so I’ve got something new for you today: ribbon bow brushes :) They are quite useful if you design some holiday cards, wrappers, etc.

Photoshop Ribbon Bow Brushes

I’ve needed those brushes mainly for printable designs, so I made them in some reasonable sizes. That means they are big 8) There are 36 brushes created with Photoshop 7.0 in this set. Well, You’ve got actually 12 different ribbons in this set, but I defined them in three various ways. This way you’ve got ribbon silhouettes, ribbon outlines (matching with the silhouettes) and outlines with the fill :)

Before you use hawksmont brushes, please read the terms of use.

Download Photoshop Ribbon Bow file

How to load brushes to Photoshop?

Giving is fun so start making your gifts and presents :)

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