Nov 30

I love wings. I guess it’s too late for Halloween, but you never get bored of dark stuff 😀

GIMP Dark Wings Brushes

The are 9 pairs of wings (18 brushes) which can be bat wings, demon wings or anything-you-like wings :)

I drew them last month, then I’ve created Photoshop brushes from them and now they are GIMP brushes. If you cannot resize them and they are too big for you, just grab yourself the latest GIMP 2.4 version!

Before you use hawksmont brushes, please read the terms of use.

Download GIMP Dark Wings Brushes .zip file

How to add brushes to GIMP?

Those brushes are for GIMP application. They have .gbr extension and they won’t work with Photoshop. If you are looking for Photoshop brushes, just search within the Photoshop Brushes category.

Enjoy :)

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