Jun 29

I always remember about GIMP users 😀 so I hope you don’t mind I release Photoshop brushes a little earlier. Geezzz… I’ve got some keyboard issues lately so please be gentle if you notice that ‘s’ or ‘d’ is missing somewhere :)
GIMP Moon Brushes

There are 9 big brushes in this set. They were converted with GIMP 2.2. If your GIMP cannot resize brushes, be sure to download yourself the latest GIMP version!

Before you use hawksmont brushes, please read the terms of use.

Download GIMP Moon Brushes .zip file

How to add brushes to GIMP?

Those brushes are for GIMP application. They have .gbr extension and they won’t work with Photoshop. If you are looking for Photoshop brushes, just search within the Photoshop Brushes category.

Happy designing! 😀

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