Nov 05

How you install brushes in GIMP 2.2?

First Way

I’ve created this tutorial whit GIMP 2.2

To load /install /add your brushes to GIMP you can have your application open, just copy your .gbr brushes files (I recommend copying, but you can move the files as well) to GIMP users default folder. It is usually ‘C:\Documents and Settings\’your profile’\.gimp-2.2\brushes’ created during the installation process. GIMP doesn’t read the subfolders, so remember to place all .gbr files in main brushes folder.

Your new brushes should now appear in a Brush Tool menu, after clicking a brush tip icon.

gimp howto

If not, try to open the Brush Selection dialog, and click the ‘refresh button’. It should work if you placed your files right.

gimp howto3

If you still can’t find your brushes, got to File>Preferences, choose Folders>Brushes and check the exact location of the brushes folder.

gimp howto

Maybe you somehow placed your brushes in a different location? If so, move them into the proper folder GIMP currently uses.

gimp howto2

Second Way

You can also, instead of searching for the default folder, use another way to add your brushes to GIMP.

Just place your personalized brushes anywhere you want on your computer (ex: Your desktop). Then go to File>Preferences in GIMP menu, then Folders>Brushes (just like above :) ), click on ‘new’ icon, choose your brushes folder location and then confirm by clicking ‘OK’.

gimp howto4

This way your folder is added to GIMP and your brushes should be visible after GIMP restarts.

Once again: Be sure all your .gbr files are in the main folder not in subfolders (.gbr files are brushes files for GIMP 2.3 and lower, so Photoshop brushes – .abr files won’t work with those versions of GIMP!

The second way is usually more handy for all operating systems. So instead of locating default folders, you can add a new folder with the new brushes in the gimp preferences.

How you install brushes in GIMP 2.4?

You still use the same ways to load brushes in new GIMP version

1. Paste them into default brushes folder and refresh, or…
2. Add your brushes folder in GIMP preferences and restart GIMP

What’s different? You can place in your brushes folders both: GIMP .grb files and Photoshop .abr files. They work in GIMP 2.4 and they are scalable! Now you don’t need to convert .abr into .gbr :) But still remember not to place files in subfolders: they won’t be seen.

I’d like to thank zyxyeLLowxyz for motivation and big help with this tutorial :)

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