May 27

Designing is nice and easy. I’d like you to feel this :) That’s why I’m sharing my workshop with you. I use those brushes in my designs and I don’t see the reason why you couldn’t use them in yours 😀


1. Brushes created by hawksmont are free to use in non-commercial and commercial designs.
2. If you paid for those, you were cheated! Please note me about that fact.
3. If you really want to, you can make a donation through PayPal, but you don’t have to :)
3. You can give me a credit, but that’s not necessary :)
4. You can link me back when you use my brushes, but that’s not necessary too
5. I don’t approve hate, racism and profanation, so YOU MAY NOT use my brushes in that kind of stuff!
6. You may not claim these brushes to be your own.
7. If you have some problems with those brushes, please write me about that.

Note: Commercial use in my policy means you can use them in all your commercial designs but you CANNOT SELL my brushes files (.abr files, .gbr files etc.)


If you want to redistribute my brushes you can do so, but:
1. It would be nice if you’d ask first :)
2. You have to redistribute them for free!. You cannot sell my .abr & .gbr files!
3. If you want to upload hawksmont brushes on Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Megaupload, etc. You may do so, but only with original files names (including archive file name and all the files inside the archive)
4. You have to use the original images of the brushes (no cutting, n1o placing other www addresses!)
5. You have to link back to my website (
6. You have to write in the visible place: “brushes created by hawksmont”
7. You may not place my brushes on websites with sexual (or erotic), hate or racist content!
8. Posting and linking to other sites with my brushes is also redistributing. so please stick to the rules of crediting, link back to my website and it will be ok 😉

How to load brushes to Photoshop?

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